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The Importance of Team

The Importance of Team

In this episode, Cameron and JDM break down how you should think about building your team, from solo founder to hiring a full crew. And some of it might surprise you...

In this episode, JDM and Cameron are flying solo to talk about a topic too often given short shrift: team. After all, fully 65% of startups fail due to founder conflicts.

Fail. Due to founder conflict.

But team is about a lot more than just you and your co-founders…

On today’s show:

  • The terrifying stats of how teams kill startups;

  • How to use team to flip those odds in your favour;

  • How do you find a cofounder?

  • How do you distribute equity?

  • Find a cofounder, or hire an employee?

  • What makes a good team?

  • The surprising and neglected parts of your team: advisory boards, mentors, investors, and customers;

  • Developing early startup culture;

  • The mindset of a successful team builder;

  • And more!

Frivolous thoughts:

  • Cameron talked about his pending nuptials and the true meaning of the Polynesian greeting of “aloha”.

  • JDM finally finished Star Trek: Picard… and he has thoughts!

Links mentioned:

  • The Founder’s Pie — an article and method by Frank Demmler on how to divvy up equity in a new business venture.

  • Advisory Board Series — Carlsen Center workshop series on building out startup boards.

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      Session 2 - 

      Session 3 - 

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